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This may or may not appear with your article in the newsletter or its online version, at the discretion of the editor. Short items and press releases may also be sent to the editor for consideration to be included or written up in the news pages. The HealthWatch Newsletter’s editor would like to receive your contributions on topics related to science and integrity in medicine. Preference will be given to original content, please check your article for plagiarism. The article will be published hours after submission. The only one Do followback link will be provided in the article.

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I love the shared ethos of emotional health and wellbeing. It is being a part of a community of experts by experience, and experts by professional knowledge, all working towards a common goal that is personally very fulfilling. Opinions expressed in letters and articles published in the HealthWatch Newsletter belong to the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views of HealthWatch. Authors are responsible for the factual accuracy of their own articles; the editor reserves the right to amend text if necessary but will, where possible, consult the author to ensure accuracy is maintained.

We will be editing your write-ups to fit our tone and style but if the submitted work is found with a lot of grammatical errors it will be rejected. If you would like to include images in your article, please submit them along with your article. Images must be high-resolution and should be related to the content of your article.