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Reverb Time Magazine is a product of Wispaz Technologies. We are always interested in hearing from talented writers who would like to contribute to our new magazine. Whether you are an experienced journalist, published freelancer or just starting out as a writer, we would like to hear from you. Red Pepper is rooted in national and international movements for radical social and environmental change.


We read each email and regularly answer inside one business day.

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Email: [email protected]

At the end of the article ask readers to share their opinion on the topic. Make sure it’s always high quality and the right format to share. Always use images / and videos every 250 words and make short paragraphs.

Any content that falls outside that scope will be automatically refused. EuroNewsweek welcomes contributors able to deliver high-quality content covering areas such as marketing, technology, business, lifestyle and sustainability. Whilst it shouldn’t be the only reason you consider applying to write for us, we do give out monthly cash prizes to contributors who have impressed our editorial team. We are keen to reward effort, dedication and hard work even if we don’t have the resources to regularly pay our contributors.

Write with humility and avoid pomposity, self-aggrandisement or superiority. We focus on sharing information and reasoned analysis based on supportive evidence. I allow having this website keep my submitted information so they can respond to my inquiry. I consent to having this website store my submitted information so they can respond to my inquiry. Any article promoting gambling, illegal substances, or adult content will be automatically refused.

Incase if you need any updates after publishing the blog, it will be done upon a fixed fee. You are advised to pay the agreed amount upfront or after the guest post is published by our team. To submit your request to be considerate as EuroNewsweek contributor, use the form at the end of this guideline and add three article samples and a short bio . We are always on the search for talented writers who can create outstanding pieces that are beneficial to the readers of our website.

Your content deserves to be seen and we do not wish to unreasonably prohibit republication. Republishing content on a personal website or blog is absolutely permitted, although we ask you to leave at least 3 weeks between publication with The Skeptic before you do so. If you wish to publish content elsewhere, please contact our editor about how best to go about this.