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A proven method of increasing online authority and brand recognition, lawyer guest posting has many benefits. Not only does it increase your website authority, but it also creates high-quality backlinks that matter in the law industry. Link building is a major ranking factor used by Google to rank websites, and it can greatly increase your business and brand awareness. If you’re considering guest posting, here are some tips to keep in mind. First, write about topics that are relevant to your practice area.

It’s easy to miss small problems when you’re writing a piece yourself. It’s essential to have a fresh perspective before you push it out into the world. When someone types “how to handle a workers comp claim in Georgia” into the Google search bar, Google pulls up relevant results for the user. If your firm has a blog post all about FAQs for workers’ comp lawyers in Georgia, your chances of getting your firm’s website in front of a potential client looking for a lawyer are much higher.


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Please go through the posts on our website to get an idea of what this entails. Stay on brand by keeping a consistent tone throughout all of the content you post and keeping all of your content specific to your industry. In one of the most crowded industries in the nation, it’s important to find ways to stand out. Potential clients can pick from hundreds of attorneys to hire — so why should they choose you? Reputation is everything, and establishing your own is vital.

Growth-minded law firm owners are always looking for new ways to expand their brand and increase their client base. Guest posting is not only help to drive the traffic but also help to get the quality link that boost your website ranking. Most of legal blogger do guest blogging to get the back link only, but it has many benefits.

If you find it difficult to come up with ideas for blog posts that pertain specifically to your audience, utilize your resources by surveying the people around you for ideas. Ask your team what the most frequent questions they get when speaking to clients are, and answer them in a blog post. Ask your previous clients what the hardest thing to understand about their case was, and lay out that issue in a blog post. Creating graphics from the information in your blog posts to repurpose on social media. When you publish helpful content on a legal blog, the people who read it see you as an authority on the subject.