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If you want to write for us then, feel free to send a pitch or idea before publishing a post. Before you write for us and submit a guest post, look atour recent articlesfor insight into structuring and formatting your piece. Also, you are required to share the article on all your social media accounts within seven days from the date of publishing of the article with the hashtag Etashee.


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If you’ve got a plan that will challenge our readers and move our industry forward, we want to listen about it. But you don’t need to wait for an idea that willredefine Fashion. Just aim to bring readers a fresh perspective on a topic that’s keeping you up at night, adding actionable content for our readers, and you’re good to go. The articles’ intention must be to motivate people, which is why the content should be enticing, nice, and interesting.

So here you can find the few search engine query where you can search these query on the search engine. You can promote the post on social media platforms by publishing 100 words of the article along with the link to the post. If we find that the post has not been shared we have the autonomy to delete the article from our bloggers network or disable the backlinks etc. We also retain the right to slightly moderate or alter the article to suit the requirement of our platform.

Write for Us + Fashion, we’d like to say that we’ve covered all the essential details about guest posts. You all have an excellent chance to gain knowledge and learn something new. The information in this section is crucial because we want you to compose a guest article for Hastebc. We need that all of our authors must communicate effectively in English. All of the readers will be able to understand your writing immediately.

There are other advantages in addition to the ones we’ve already stated. Any statements that are invalid or false will not be accepted. The minimum word count they require is 1000+ and mail them to confirm any doubt you have at Thefashioninfo.com is an online Fashion & Lifestyle Blog for women. The primary motivation is to make our women aware of trending fashion and how to use it in better ways to deals with. We will get back to you if you followed our guidelines.