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You are not required to have a website to submit a guest post. If your blog is about family/parenting/kids , or has anything to do with content for moms , then you are welcomed to submit a guest post on MOM News Daily submit your Guest post. Please take some time to familiarize yourself with the type of content we like before you submit your Freelance Mom blog posts for Mom News Daily.

Finding a writing job is tough if you don’t know where to look. Attract new clients), don’t let it just sit there. Networking goes a long way in the freelance world, and LinkedIn is a great resource to do some networking through common connections. Powered by Adobe, Behance is an online platform for creative professionals to showcase their work, find inspiration and connect with companies looking to hire.


We read each email and regularly answer inside one business day.

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We try to offer as much support as necessary to ensure the writing process is smooth. Our goal here at HSPJourney.com is to provide a variety of knowledgable voices within the HSP community. As of Jan 2020, all Copyhackers posts are peer reviewed. When you’rereallyhappy with how you’ve filled in the blanks, hit send.

We can also offer a full-time position if you’re interested. Our main differentiation point from other agencies is that we create content that is optimised for conversions and leads, not just traffic. You’ll always be able to send in questions and ask for clarification.

The site hand-picks work from job sites, classified ads and company websites i.e. more than justremote writing jobs. They include positions that might not directly involve writing but are still writer- and editor- related. Whether you are looking for creative writing jobs, greeting card writing gigs or medical writing projects, this is a good platform to start.

Most of the time it won’t take longer than 7 days to get back to you. Please be patient and don’t resubmit the same pitch multiple times. This will ensure that your submission meets what we’re looking for and improve your chances of getting the article published on our blog. Your content is Very impressive, looks like you are also blessed with sharp writing skills. I liked the fact that it was easy to understand.

We understand that a content agency cannot operate without its writers and that writers are at the core of our service offering. We know that writers are not machines, designed to churn out as many blog posts as possible. At the time of writing , we only accept sponsored posts with really few free-publishing opportunities of a tiny small selective topic range. So it’s safe to think 99% of submissions will be for sponsored posting. When it comes to some of the remote writer jobs available, some of the most common topics are those about online gambling and sports betting. Under these categories, you can be asked to write almost anything.

For example, an experienced writer can earn $80 for a 500-word article. On that last point, no matter where you look for work as a writer, it’s a good idea tostart your own siteand capture client testimonials. This is an updated version of a story that was previously published. We update our posts as often as possible to ensure they’re useful for our readers. Knowing how to get into video editing is important for freelancers, online marketers and business owners. As the freelance economy keeps on growing, we would like to offer practical information to people who intend to start freelancing or those who are already doing it.

Look for companies with well-established, regularly-updated blogs. Once you’ve identified your targets and how you can help them, send an email to someone on their marketing team offering your services. You can immediately differentiate yourself from other applicants and increase your odds of getting hired by creating a writing sample tailor-made for each client. Click on a writing sample and visit the client’s website to make sure you’d be interested in writing for them. If everything looks good, add them to your list of potential targets. But if your goal is to make money writing and build potentially profitable business relationships, it’s something to consider.

I also love the variety of topics I get to write about, so all in all it’s just the perfect place for free spirits who enjoy writing, flexibility, and a great environment. Your path to getting paid to write might look different than mine, but most successful online writers earn more by diversifying their income streams. After I relaunched my site, I wrote articles that no one read. Wondering how I could find readers, I started reading articles and then taking courses in blogging. A freelance writer can expect to earn $21.59 per hour, excluding commissions and bonus sharing.