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Came out with the cartoonishly awful idea that women’s bodies stop them from getting pregnant from rape, I started with the headline, “Meet Todd Akin. Share This So Everyone Knows.” No one clicked or shared. The reason it’s always 25, no less, is that it forces you to think waaaay outside the box when writing. You get desperate around headline 21, and do something so out of left field that it’s not the typical headline. The key is to not overthink your headlines and make every sentence perfect. In a recent Quora post a couple of months back, Adam Mordecai mentioned that he writes 25 headlines for every single post.


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On bad days, she binges on chocolate and dreams of traveling the world alone. Her writing can be found on Upworthy and Scary Mommy, in O Magazine, and in a big ol’ slush pile inside her head. You can also find her on Facebook and Instagram. On Upworthy.com, the writing is better – funnier, more incisive and thoughtful, more rich and varied – than it has ever been.

They even consider non-sports stories with relevance to their readers, like this exampleof Native American lacrosse players who were suspended after reporting racial abuse. Make sure to also check out our full guide tosports writing jobs. Today’s Christian Livingis a bimonthly print and digital magazine geared toward a general Christian audience.

Pitch an article that is deeply personal, well-researched, or education-based. They regularly hire writers to contribute engaging, high-quality posts related to these issues, and they often like to publish longer, detailed articles of around 3,000 words. Instead of submitting a pitch, you’ll need to fill out an application and provide links to writing samples.

Entrepreneurmagazine launchedGreenEntrepreneur.com, to give readers the latest news in cannabis. Land freelance writing jobs for this pub by pitching stories about entrepreneurship, business, technology, and lifestyle to get into this pub. Send daring personal essays, fiction, and poetry to this ad-free magazine to land freelance writing jobs. You can pitch editors Sy Safransky or David Mahaffey by submitting online.

BlogHer pays $50 per post on a variety of lifestyle and Internet topics. This site is part of the SheKnows family of sites, which also includes StyleCaster, DrinksMixer, and DailyMakeover. XoJane pays $50 for essays about crazy things that happened to you, beauty or fashion trends you’ve tried, and other women-focused topics.