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You can accomplish this by opening the advanced config editor of Thunderbird and change the following parameters. Open Tools/Add-ons, kind type folders in the search box, click Add to Thunderbird. This also works for newsgroups inside a news accounts, and also works for sub-folders, and sub-subfolders, etc monster hunter world upgrade weapons. This extension adds a “Manually Sort Folders” entry in the “Tools” menu of Thunderbird, underneath the hamburger (☰) menu. An account’s order in the listing now not corresponds to it is reference internally. An account displayed in the third place may have an inside reference of 5.

The default is at all times Thunderbird’s default kind order. Toggle this to “Use manually outlined type function” for options to manually change the folder order. To do that first select a folder and transfer it to a different location utilizing the Up or Down buttons within the interface. Thunderbird e-mail shopper lacks choices to sort the order of accounts immediately in the e mail consumer.

I even have 13 e-mail accounts in Thunderbird for work-related stuff. Thunderbird by default just adds accounts in a top-down manner without sorting of any sort, not even alphabetically. Thunderbird doesn’t permit you to rearrange the order during which your e-mail accounts are displayed. Thus the precise order of accounts with the settings above shall be account3, account4, account1, account2. You might change the order of your accounts in the folders pane by modifying your prefs.js file as described on this thread.

For instance, it is not attainable to drag and drop accounts in the principle area of ​​the shopper. Using the built-in config editor (or modifying prefs.js directly), find the mail.accountmanager.accounts choice, and alter the sequence of the comma-separated account references in it. See screenshot, only for future reference. Entirely separate Addons item above .Add-ons is beneath the 3-bar app menu in the upper proper corner,So you efficiently found the three bar utility menu. Then tried to use the information your were given concerning the tools menu on the main menu bar.

In this case, positioning the “account3” string as you want will not have the desired effect (because its true reference is ‘account5’). For example if i needed my newest added account – which is positioned all the method in which at the bottom by default – to instead be placed on the prime of the list, i just delete “account4” from the top of the line, and insert it at the entrance. Make certain that there is no trailing comma and no whitespaces wherever.

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Yes with the usage of the extension “Folderpane Tools” for thos utilizing Tb2. Then you’ve discovered the proper profile; take note of the path and cd to it. Thunderbird is an email & information consumer developed by Mozilla Foundation. It can be used as an various alternative to Microsoft’s Outlook and Outlook Express or VMware’s Zimbra etc; and of-course it’s free.