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  • Uber Was Swindled Out Of $100m In Ad Spend And No One Is Talking About It

    The investment increases the company’s valuation to $1.four billion from $1 billion in March 2022, when it bagged $95 million from Accel, Norwest Venture Partners and Avataar Ventures. They is not going to be eligible to legally keep and work in the US 60 days after their employment contracts expire. We’ve launched three indices – […]

  • Uber Found Theyd Been Defrauded Out Of 2 Three Of Their Ad Spend

    Instagram Stories allow users to publish at the next frequency without overposting and clogging up their primary feed. Stories normally function less-polished, more organic images and movies. Like Snapchat Stories, your Instagram Story disappears after 24 hours. BUT, what they do is provide an easily accessible number that you could show your boss to level […]