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This will be included with your author bio at the bottom of your article when it’s published. We are looking for unusual and unique ideas and strategies that everyday people can use to earn and save more money. Include a sentence or two bio at the bottom of your post.

Of course, I wouldn’t even try Ceramics.org, since I am totally ignorant on this topic. This is regardless of how much I would be tempted to write a 5,000-word article for the incredible amount of $950. I have been searching for information on this topic for a while and your article has encouraged me to get started writing. I’m so happy to have come across your post.

So if you’re able to provide an original travel-related piece with beautiful images, you can get paid between $75 and $150. They look specifically for articles about job ideas, living on the budget, as well as money guides. Due to the volume of pitches we now receive, we’re just unable to respond to all the pitches that aren’t a fit for this blog. If you don’t hear back from us, you might want to re-read this page and work harder on your proposal. Ready to find freelance work you love that pays well? Your favorite hobbies may be just the place to start looking to find freelance work.What are you interested in?


We read each email and regularly answer inside one business day.

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If you have decent ideas on saving money, paying off debt, and retirement preparation, consider submitting your idea to the website. Before pitching, we highly suggest perusing their website or previous volumes to see whether they have covered the same topic in the past. If yes, we advise presenting the subject from a fresh angle for a unique story.

The editors will contact you if your writing meets their needs. If you search the company, you will find that it has very high feedback ratings from users and offers a wide array of projects for you to work on at any given time. People Per Hour This website lets you find freelance writing jobs on your own terms.

Once your subject has been approved, you can get paid $50 per article. You need to send an email with the word “Pitch” in the subject line and include your resume and bio and a few samples of your work. They want articles between 500 and 1200 words that come with beautiful images . As a way of giving back to the community, the author decided to start accepting guest contributions. For example, they crave tips about bargain shopping, living in South Korea, and living the student life in style. On their contributors’ page, they regularly share the topics they want to have covered.

There are a couple of other formats available, so feel free to check the specifics by clicking on the link below. For your efforts, you will get between $75 and $100 via PayPal. If your article finds itself among the most shared in the month, you will get a bonus of $150. As the name suggests, this site offers content for female entrepreneurs and small business owners. You are encouraged to take a provocative stand and write a piece that’s around 1000 words long. It’s a mini-essay in which you can state your thesis in a single sentence and then expand on it.

The site is all car-related, so it is important that you have an interest and knowledge regarding this topic. The site pays between $10 and $20 per piece once your application is accepted. Currently they do not have an online application for the writing position, but you can contact the site administrator to begin the process. Writer Access This website pays writers to write articles for a wide variety of clients. They expect complete anonymity from their writers, but they are one of the better writer platforms online. What we don’t want to see are lists on sports, self-help, personal stories, or gaming.

You can submit your story on their submission site. Washington monthly covers topics like government, politics, culture, and the media. They prioritize investigative, and system analysis journalism.

Asim, if you are new to writing and you want to make some money, you could comment writing. It’s easier than writing a whole article. You can sign up to Post Loop in the link toward the top of this page. Writing’s a great way to earn money when you find yourself sitting at home. It might be good for the user experiencebut it’s nigh useless if you were looking for a reading experience.