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Before submitting, run a basic spell check, use paragraph breaks, and capitalise as easy-to-read articles are always appreciated. Is only for helping people who want to adopt a dog or already have a dog or puppy. Our content also allows people to choose the right dog food and other dog supplies.

It requires a couple measurements, but only so we can provide your pet with the very best experience. Before sending the article, make sure it has a proper layout complete with headings and images. If you are facing any issues with submitting content? If you wanna use royalty-free images, add the image credits and the link to that source.

If you selected to guest post on this site, you would contact. We’re looking for a steady stream of articles that answer the questions that caretakers are asking. If we use your 500 – 1000 word article, we’ll pay up to $50. Take a look at some of the sample subjects below and let me know if you’re interested in writing. We are also looking for articles about other pets — cats, exotic pets, horses, little ones like guinea pigs, rabbits, etc.


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If you are offering pet services or a pet shop, you can submit pet-related products and their coupons to our targetted audience. If you’ve contacted us but haven’t received a reply in 14 days, check your spam folder. If you can’t find a response there this means that your article wasn’t accepted this time. Articles such as the “Top 10 indoor games your dog will love” or “9 Ways to keep your parrot entertained” are great content pieces to submit for consideration .

LittleDogTips is now accepting contributions from guest post writers. If you’re a dog blogger, representative for a dog-related company, or just like to write about dogs, you can submit a post with your byline. If you love pets, there’s a good chance you can get paid to write about pets, enjoy the work, and connect with people in the pet care industry. Is a bi-monthly magazine that primarily publishes articles relating to the care of reptiles. Commonly covered topics include handling, breeding, health, conservation, and searching for wild reptiles and amphibians in the U.S and abroad. We don’t pay for the guest posts that are published on our website.