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This website provides informative content on various day-to-day topics. These topics can be related to news, games, technology, science, wellness, investment, politics, international news, education, health, production, industry, IT, and many more. The Rationalinsurgent gives you the chance to write on such topics. This time they also provided a chance to write on topics like manufacturing. Further, you can check our guidelines and policies to make an informative guest post. Is a great chance for manufacturing enthusiasts who want to share their knowledge with their readers.


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We are looking for a long-term collaboration with writers who can write high-quality technical and engineering related content. So, writers who can write this kind of articles can approach us, and we will be happy to collaborate with you. We’re looking for engineering professionals who are passionate to submit thought leadership articles to our blog.

This opportunity is not that easy to grab unless you read the guidelines on our page. The new writers come in contact with new editors. It will give you a better chance to build your career. You can add an external link with a spam score of 1 to 3 percent. The content must be original and plagiarism free so that there are no copyright issues for the content.

All your articles will be shared via these networks for additional exposure. Is a relevant, well-researched post (preferably 1000+ words) with actionable tips. The contributors should use the link after 70 to 80 percent content. We have provided the information on the guidelines that our website follows. These guidelines are important to be studied because the guidelines decide whether the contributor can work based on them or not.

For example, linking to dating sites, SEO agencies, Credit-related sites, etc. aren’t allowed. Only includes claims that are backed by links to credible research or case studies. Avoid citing our competitors, and using any irrelevant promotional links to websites. Please take some time to review this entire page as it clearly explains the guidelines, the submission process, and the type of content we accept.

We suggest that you browse through our website and read the blogs to get a feel of the tone, structure, and format that we prefer. Want to be seen as a thought leader in the security production and manufacturing industry? By becoming a guest writer you can boost both your company’s profile and your personal writing career by sharing your expertise with our community.

The point and information must be crisp and to the point so that readers find it easy to understand. You must always remember that we have the right to accept or reject your content if the guidelines are not properly adhered to. There must not be any grammatical errors in the content that can hinder the quality of the article. Do not promote your product or service in the blog.

The articles can be on Civil Engineering on which we offer training . However, we prefer Engineering Articles and Tutorials on the following topics. If you’ve always wanted to pursue writing but aren’t sure how to get started, then try writing a guest blog for us! Our goal is to have writers from around the world write for us about a multitude of topics.