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Posts MUST NOT be posted or syndicated on other blogging platforms or other websites. We use plagiarism technology to vet every post submission. Sustainability articles that help people to make healthy choices that are good for the planet too.


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Please don’t give us any themes that aren’t relevant; we won’t post any of them. We want to inspire our readers with knowledge of physical health and mental wellness. If you’re looking for contributing a guest post to share your insights, then you’re in the right place. We create simple, easy-to-follow recipes that are always gluten-free, often dairy-free, and sometimes Paleo. We’ve got hundreds of recipes, resources, and travel articles showing you how you can enjoy gluten-free foods while living your best gluten-free life. If you’re submitting a nutrition guest post then please include details of your dietician or nutritionist credentials.

Selene River Press is a publishing company specializing in holistic nutrition education. Our philosophy is rooted in the work of Dr. Royal Lee, who showed that vitamin deficiencies, due to processed foods, are responsible for most degenerative disease. From organic farming to food-based vitamins, from raw milk to fermented foods, Dr. Lee set the course for the field of whole food nutrition. Once approved, it will take a few weeks to a month to publish your post. At that time, we will send you the release date and a link to the post. Once your article has been published, we will share this on our social media channels (e.g. Instagram) and tag you.

Does writing excite you and does the prospect of putting down your thoughts, words, and expressions from your brain to the keyboard make you happy? Your health-related articles with practical and authentic data will be published here in pursuit of health and well-being. Therefore, if your content is inspiring and guides towards the best possible health outcomes then write for us health, fitness and wellness. As an article writer, there is a good chance you might get your application declined if you do not produce an exceptional article for us. This is because our editorial team will be unable to publish your submission without losing the trust of our readers. To guarantee that you don’t experience any rejection from our end, it’s important to know about and adhere to the writing guidelines we’ve provided above.

Thus you can write for us in a way more innovative for a joyful and satisfying life that could help people achieve optimum health. We have a unique identity with a touch of modernism and up-to-date issues that are factual and relevant and certifiably legitimate. So if you are great with the health criteria with unique content then your blogs will surely be published here. Our platform aims to be the destination of choice in the digital health world, it is all about informative articles and thoughts to apply.

Short sentences and short paragraphs are ideal, and pay attention to formatting, as well. We ask you, however, that you do not contact us with sales pitches or marketing articles for your or someone else’s product. That is not the type of content we publish and our audience knows us well enough to have developed expectations for the kind of pieces we will deliver to them.

Please do not send any unrelated article other than these categories, as they will not get published. Mind Our category of Aura is all about spirituality and leading a life with mindfulness. Spirituality is the basic essence of finding yourself and letting go of the worldly troubles.

Make sure your points are bulleted and easy to read. Sometimes, We will typically give your piece our own headline so that it fits Foodwalas style. We’ll also illustrate the post with our own photos .

In your email, please provide more than one idea about the topics you can cover. We do cross-check your content and if we find you have copied it from somewhere you will be banned for a lifetime for our blog. And any form of editing the Glow Habits editorial team deems necessary. Post MUST NOT be focused on any other topic besides beauty, dieting, and wellness. Writers with experience creating SEO content will have an advantage, yet all those who can meet our guidelines should reach out. If your article has a large amount of grammar or spelling mistakes it will be rejected.

Please read the following guidelines carefully before submitting your article for consideration. As a trusted resource for health and wellness information, we are always looking for new content to feature on our site. If you are a health expert with something valuable to share, we want to hear from you. Please submit appropriate food images along with your content. Becoming a guest blogger is a best way of getting exposure for your own blog. If you have an amazing recipe idea, a food story from your travels, or a related opinion piece, I’d love to hear from you.