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All articles will be checked for plagiarism, so please don’t try to steal anybody’s work and pass it off as your own. The major uses of electronic circuits are the control, processing, information distribution, conversion, and distribution of electrical energy. An electronic system is a group of circuits that interact with each other to obtain a result.Electronics is very complicated with all the circuits and electronic schemes. Still, we must say that for many people, it is a spectacular world, mainly for students who identify with the subject. Within 30 short years, computers have revolutionized the way businesses work, people play and the world communicates.

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Because these uses are mainly weather related, the amounts and their shares of total annual residential electricity consumption vary from year to year. The Residential Energy Consumption Survey data for 2015 indicate that heating was the largest use of electricity in homes. The Annual Energy Outlook provides estimates and projections for annual electricity use in the residential sector by type of end use. The pie chart below shows residential sector electricity consumption by major types of end uses in the AEO2022 Reference case for 2021.

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