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He is seen dancing around the lab after successful an internet public sale for a board recreation primarily based on the present. Hodges’s sense of odor sometimes worked against him; he needed to put a clothespin on his nose when he analyzed trace from a competitive eater who had died after consuming scorching canines. Due to a scarcity of CSIs at the beginning of season 9 as a result of Warrick’s demise, Hodges has been rotated onto the field no less than twice—three occasions total, counting an look on the field in season eight. Despite this, he almost lazily found essential proof in a matter of seconds during one outing. Hodges was frequently used as comic relief on the original CSI, so why flip him into a villain now?

While Sara has religion in her former co-worker, Maxine takes the contents of the power at face worth. He is the only lab tech that has his personal stab vest together with his surname on it and as such, frequently goes out into the field to assist the opposite CSIs, though he prefers working within the lab. He typically tries to ingratiate himself to Grissom, who sometimes does acknowledge Hodges’ experience. He was devastated when Grissom left the lab, and initially solely begrudgingly accepted Raymond Langston as a member of the CSI group, although he became more accepting of him later.

His first phrases had been “took you long enough” — and in the end, we had been just happy that we were seeing him at all. In addition to his role because the technician on CSI, actor Wallace Langham is greatest identified for enjoying the Phil on The Larry Sanders Show. His other notable TV credits include Veronica’s Closet and What About Joan?. Though Hodges is presently a compelling suspect, the case will develop because the season continues — that means that issues will probably get far more sophisticated. Keep reading to find out extra about the character’s role on the original CSI, and to find out how he fits into the brand new restricted collection. While Sara Sidle , and Gil Grissom , and Jim Brass reprised their roles on the model new present instantly, there’s one other original character who had a significant role in the pilot (though he didn’t truly appear on the screen).

In the 2002 episode “Cats in the Cradle,” it is talked about that David is allergic to cats. In more modern episodes, Hodges met a stunning lady, Elisabetta, from Italy while on trip. The two turn into engaged, but wind up breaking off their engagement after his fiancée insists that when they marry, they’ll transfer again to Italy to work on a relative’s winery. In the Season 10 premiere, it is revealed she is married to Grissom. In Season 13, Episode 15, she reveals that Grissom had break up up together with her. After a long search, Morgan’s investigation helped the CSI team to find Haskell, but the fallout of the investigation (which ended with Haskell’s death at Ray’s hands) led to her getting fired.

Grissom, nevertheless, appears to search out Hodges annoying and sometimes tells Hodges to report his findings to other CSIs or asks him to leave his workplace. In “I Like to Watch”, Hodges contacts the fact tv crew that’s following the CSI crew while they investigate a case to permit them to video tape when he offers his report again to Sara. While doing this, he uses as many complicated phrases as attainable, and Sara asks if he is all right. Also, at one point in the course of the episode, he sees them filming the DNA lab and says that they need to be in his trace lab as a outcome of DNA is so overrated.

In the fifth season finale, “Grave Danger”, he saves the entire CSI group when he calls them seconds earlier than they are about to open the container that has trapped Nick Stokes and notifies them that Semtex expenses are rigged on the bottom. During that episode, Grissom finds himself in an intense dialogue with Anna during which she overtly admits that her brother “hates .” Anna appears to harbor an identical vendetta in opposition to the crime investigating unit, noting that her brother should be well-known. With a smirk, Anna relishes understanding that her brother’s plot to discredit David Hodges’s profession boston police public spy with pot is working. During their dialogue, Anna additionally admits that she is the one who first told her brother that David Hodges is “the easiest to image faking proof.” Hodges claimed to Grissom and Sara that the case against him is “a crock.” Sara is decided to show her former teammate’s innocence, convinced somebody set him up; however Grissom is content material to follow the evidence, not convinced of something yet. Things are normally black and white for Grissom; he goes where the science takes him.

In previous seasons, the character has had an interest in Sara, but she has never given him any purpose to believe she shares his feelings. We see continuous flirting between them in every scene that they share. In the eighth season episode “The Chick Chop Flick Shop”, Hodges and the other lab techs, Ronnie and Sara are seen watching a low-budget slasher film during which Wendy played a sufferer. He then attempts to cover his tracks, tacking “-ly enough” on to the top of his sentence. In the season 8 episode ‘You Kill Me”, he labeled “Mindy Bimms”, a player piece in his CSI board game, representing Wendy Simms as “clumsy but buxom” .

Hodges, evidently not realizing that he is speaking aloud, provides “however excellent”, to which everybody turns around and stares at him. However, the true purpose of this complete mess is to direct Sara and Maxine to a storage unit, the place they make a surprising discovery, notes TVLine. David Hodges , the fan-favorite lab-tech from the original CSI sequence, might have been doctoring evidence to shut circumstances.